Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Crafts

You know...(as much as I loved crafts as a child) I have learned there are crafty people (like my mother who puts Martha to shame) and then there's me. There's no domestic diva to be found here. I don't cook, I tidy but don't clean and I'm too anal for crafts. They drive me insane!
This is our sad attempt at a ginger bread house....oh and as I mentioned I don't cook so you know it was one of those prepackaged deals. Everything including instructions is provided so how can you screw it up....by being me that's how. After fighting to get the walls the stay together for way too long I should have just let the kids eat it. Instead I insist it can be saved....that was before I realized you have to let it set for 2 hours before decorating. So we (I) let it dry and in the mean time of course the rest of the frosting drys out so I have to moisten it down again and obviously added too much water. Then I proceed to make the red and green frosting following the instructions for the white frosting...obviously that wasn't a good idea. Finally I let go of my anal tendencies and went crazy just trying to get the stupid thing done. It looks like a trip gone bad.
So on to craft number two. Leah's High Five magazine had a recipe for home made play dough in it that she insisted she had to do. So I send Scott off to the store for cream of tartar (which I'm still not sure what the heck any one uses it for) and while he's gone I realize I have run out of flour (from my attempt at holiday sugar cookies) so I call him as he's at the check out and tell him to grab some. Get off the phone and realize I need 2 cups of salt which I certainly don't have so I call him again. Any how we get everything and make the dough and I decide let's make ornaments for the tree. Our little family would be cute wouldn't it? Well here they (we are). Note the little nibble out of Tyler's head. One should know better then to leave cookie shaped objects out to dry with in a 2 year old's reach. Needless to say he was not a fan of the taste of his own head. I'm not cut out for this whole Debbie homemaker crap. I'll leave it to Martha and Nana.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

He Did It!

Since Tyler moved to the Two's room he suddenly is very interested in the potty. Last night I was trying not to get discouraged that he proceeded to pee on the floor 30 seconds after getting off the potty or the fact he put his hand in the toilet water attempting to dispose of the toilet paper. If we're not potty training why should I have to deal with cleaning up the messes that come with the territory? Well he actually peed in the potty tonight!...well mostly in the potty. I guess I need to figure out how you teach a little man he needs to aim. I'm not ready to say we're "training" but I'm proud all the same...and just imagine if he figured this whole thing out before I even thought about tackling the subject.