Saturday, January 24, 2009

Leah Shows Us Her Stuff

This morning we said good bye to Shadow but had the wonderful distraction of Leah's dance recital where she got to show off all the cool moves she's learned. We had some technical difficulties with our cameras i.e. I forgot to take the battery off the charger (hey at least I remembered to charge it right?). Luckily I had our old camera with us, so while the quality may not be so great at least the moments not completely missed by those that couldn't join us. Aria's parents, Vanessa and Tony were so sweet and brought the girls flowers to celebrate the occasion.
Here's a bit of the ballet


Balance Beam - She's a clutz like her Mama

Saturday, January 17, 2009

From Ballet to Skating

Leah had her last Ballet/Tap/Gymnastic class and her 1st ice skating lesson today. Tyler has a nasty cold so I sent Scott off with the camera to capture the moment. A mitten was the only casualty so I think it was a hit

The Tale of the Forgotten Camera

In July Scott bought me a fantastic camera that I'm not foolish enough to pretend I can use to it's fullest potential. Any how like a child with a new toy I neglected my old camera. I've kept it around for the occasions where I didn't want to risk the safety of the new old but never seemed to get around to loading the pics I took. Today I sent Scott off to take pictures of Leah during her 1st ice skating lesson and realized the card was full. I've always been so diligent about loading pictures and keeping the card clean and ready to use. What the heck could be on the there. Flipping through the pics I got a new replay of the past six months and thought of all the things I should have blogged about but never got around to. Well bear with me because you're about get a chronicled by my old neglected Lumix.

Tyler on a random July afternoon
Tyler, Leah, Peyton and Reagan in Nana's Garden

Fantastic View from The Preserve Resort in Sevierville TN

(Thanks Vanessa for telling me about this place)

Tyler and Me - On our visit to the Great Smokies National Park

Leah - Taking in the warm October sun before apple pickingTyler and Leah - The next day sporting their new hats in the cool October air

OK so it was the next week but really.

Tyler - Ruling the halls of The Q before the Circus

Leah and Tyler - CCLC open house

Tyler -Waiting to listen to Obama 11/02/08

Our view waiting for Obama - I love this City

Scott and Tyler - On T's 1st sled ride at Cain Park....their faces say it all.

5 minutes later we were back in the van.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And Then There Were Bangs

Can you believe after 4 years of dealing with some of the craziest hair ever and resisting every urge to cut bangs it all was for not, thanks to a 4 year old classmate with a pair of sissors? It took me almost 24 hours to figure out something was amiss. I kept thinking her hair was getting really dark this winter...then when she was walking up the stairs I saw it. That unmistakable clump of chopped hair. Her hair looked darker because the blond tips in front had been cut off. Tonight I broke down and tried to fix it. First it resulted in bangs then when I got her out of the tub I found another clump of chopped hair on the side. 4 inches later it is now the shortest it's been since she was about 2 years old. I'm sure it looks just fine but since it's something I did I'm questioning if I did the right thing attempting to fix it. If it took me so long to figure it out would anyone else have noticed if I let it be? If nothing else she likes it. She was gleaming looking in the mirror then tells me "Mommy I really love my hair....Daddy's gonna FREAK!" Another moment worth bottling.