Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lunkin Playground

We headed down to Cincinnati for Memorial day. Saturday we met up with Scott's mom at the Lunkin playground. Leah had a blast and Tyler did his best to keep up. Giving his Mama and Daddy heart attacks at nearly every turn. The boy has no fear and doesn't understand that even if he wasn't the biggest clutz going, he's not as big as Leah and just physically can not do everything she can.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Two's III Mother's Day Show

Tyler's class had a mother's day show yesterday. Wasn't quite sure what type of show a bunch of two years old would have and in all honesty there wasn't really much to show but it was a nice excuse to leave work early and hang out with my little man.

....nope, can't stand fish

....I wish

.... oh no....that's no I work too much?

....aaaw. I love you boo!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

S'mores in the Burbs

We had a fabulous evening at Nana and Pops eatin Wings and makin S'mores. Must say I'm surprised Shaker doesn't have some ordinance against the dreaded chiminya....I'm sure it's just a matter of time until the PD comes to extinguish our fun but we had a blast and it made me reminiscent of times past and made me feel truly blessed. I may not go to church much but God is good.
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tyler's New Swimming Duds

We started swimming lessons about a month ago and I bought Tyler a little surfer shirt since the water is so dang cold. He's just about the cutest little thing strutting around the pool like he's the man. Every time we walk out of the locker room he gets a comment from some admiring stranger. Can't wait to get him on the boogie board this summer. The child has no fear and from the looks of this picture he knows he's cute.

Shadow's Memorial Corner

My Dad brought over some ornamental grass from his yard today and the kids "helped" him plant it in the corner of the yard where the dog had killed all the grass from sleeping on it all summer long. I've been calling it the Shadow Memorial Corner. I think I'll need to sneak out there and scatter her ashes this evening when the kids are in bed. Not quit ready to explain that one to them.
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How Much $200 in Carpet Really Costs Revisited

In case you were interested there has been some progress on the sunroom. The framing has passed inspection and we are now working on getting estimates for siding the whole house. Needless to say my $200 in new carpet for the sunroom has taken on a life of it's own. The need for new carpet lead to the discovery of rot in the baseboards which lead to the discovery of rot in the wall, which lead to the discovery of rot in the framing. Fixing the problem has lead to a rebuilding the corner of the room, and while we're at it we should replace the windows too....We'll never find that same paneling...who likes paneling anyways? Let's ripe it out....before I know it all the exterior walls and floor have been torn out. As long as that's being done let's put a slider in. Oh and won't a bay window be nice...okay now we need a deck for the slider to go out lets move the air conditioner and the incoming electrical and phone lines and oops the power line to the garage got knocked down. Let's bury it. Obviously we should get the house sided like we've been planning since we moved in 8 years ago. If we're going to do all that do we really want that old nasty railing on the roof? This is Ohio....we really shouldn't have a flat roof...let's slope the roof and take the exterior door out of Leah's room and replace it with a window. So needless to say instead of getting the house ready to sell it seems we are now committed to staying. Leah will be going to private school in the fall and I'm just praying I'm not forced to take many more furloughs so I can pay for all this. Who knew $200 in carpet could be so dang expensive.
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