Wednesday, December 26, 2007

From Spoons to Brooms – Tyler’s New Obsession

So remember Tyler's infatuation with spoons? He has a new love. Brooms! The boy is obsessed. He gets really ticked off if you close the broom closet and he can’t get his hands on the broom. A one year old with a broom is not a safe thing for anyone! I’m sure you can imagine the mayhem that ensues as he swings the handle about as he tries to gain his balance toddling around. Today Scott brought the kids down to my office have lunch with me and we walked over to the local food court. Half way through lunch Tyler starts squawking and pointing to something. I look over toward the trash cans and there’s a broom and a dust pan propped against them. It was all good for a laugh or two until a few minutes later when he looks the other direction and notices the most amazing thing…a custodian mopping the floors with a red handled mop. Can you imagine what was going through his head? A handle, like a broom but red, and wet! Even better! Of Course the squawking decibel increased and as soon as I got him out of his highchair he toddled over to investigate. Just at that moment the custodian began walking away. Watching Tyler trying to keep track of this floating red handle was like a scene out of a movie when everything is in slow motion.

Oh my boy and his quirks. At least he keeps me smiling.

Monday, December 17, 2007

1st Hair Cut

Tyler had his 1st hair cut yesterday. Figured it was a sign when two seperate people asked last week if he was a girl. I know he's beautiful but he was wearing blue. I don't think I messed it up too much.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Little Prince

The other morning I decided I'd pretend it was warm out and dared to wear a skirt to work. Leah saw me putting my stockings on and was asking if I was wearing them because I had a dress on. When I told her yes she responded "oh mommy you're so beautiful, can I be your prince today?" Could she be any sweeter? Too bad I feel like an ogre most of the time.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

He's a walker!

He's been flirting with the idea for a couple weeks now and would take 4-5 steps before he'd get so excited he'd topple right over. Tonight Tyler officially made it across the room without falling. He's still not quite sure of himself and if he really wants something he'll get down and crawl for it but I think he's officially a walker now. Leah started walking a little over a week after her 1st birthday so I think they're about even on this milestone. Oh boy are we in for it now.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Birthday Cake

What's a 1st birthday without some cake all over your face? It took him a few minutes to figure out it was edible but once he figured it all out he really enjoyed. Notice him using his left hand...guess the physically therapy really worked. He's going to end up a left handed pitcher after all that LOL. Oh and there's that spoon again....not being used to eat.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Our Little Man is One

Tyler's 1st birthday was rather underwhelming. Scott had a final tonight so there was no cake, no presents and no calls from the grandparents. We'll make up for it this weekend with the Finding Nemo party Leah has become the social director for. Might I just add that Nemo is one tricky fish to find after all. I guess he's not cool anymore so the grocery store, TRU, Walmart and Target no longer keep him in stock. Amazingly there's a whole other world of non-box stores out there....who knew? LOL

Here's my beautiful little man then and now

Happy Birthday Tyler
We love you oodles and oodles my little noodle.