Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Baby is 4!

Not sure how this happened but my baby is four! Gone are the baby years, gone are the toddler years. Now we're full fledge in the preschool/grade school years. Not quite sure how I feel about all this but here we are. Don't get me wrong I like that the kids are more independent and we're able to do more things as a family but the nagging thought of what am I going to do when my baby doesn't want to cuddle with me any more is haunting me more and more each day. Lucky for me Tyler is still as much of a cuddlier as he was on day 1....he just doesn't fit in my lap quite as well.

At 4 years he's all boy. Very physical. Yet he's sensitive. Easily upset if you have a cross tone to your voice. He loves wheels, planes and Toy Story. He's working on learning letters and their sounds. He knows how to spell his name but is still working on getting it on paper. He loves bed time stories, his sister and time with his "best" mommy and daddy. He's so cuddly perfect, if you're lucky enough to have him curl up in your lap for a movie it's all you can do to stay awake. I love that boy more then word could ever describe.
For his birthday we took a ride on the Polar Express. I think the kids had a wonderful magical evening although Tyler passed on the "Hot" chocolate. Seems he only likes "warm" chocolate. Sunday evening we had a small get together with our new neighbors, my parents and some friends.

For months Tyler has been asking for a scooter, a skateboard and Eeyrore. The scooter was my attempt at talking him out of the skateboard but that obviously back fired. Eeyore was because he saw one in Kohl's he wanted and I tried to talk him out of having a fit by telling him maybe he'd get one for his birthday. I never dreamed he would remember. So yet another mommy fail. The Eeyore I could have bought for $4 dollars had I given in, cost me $20 on Amazon....lesson learned. 3 year olds cannot be deterred from what they want. Well I made sure he got everything he wanted and when the neighbors gave him a Buzz Lightyear (which he loves) he wanted to take it back because he hadn't asked for it. He's so stinking sweet I could eat him up.