Friday, June 27, 2008

Mental Health Day

Yesterday after 4 days of voir dire, trail and deliberation we wrapped up and handed in our verdict. Shortly after we returned to the Jury assembly room we were told to complete a questionnaire and to stick around, that we would be pleasantly surprised by what they were about to announce. We were released from the rest of our obligation a day and a 1/2 early. I can't really pin point what it is about jury duty that is so draining but it really is taxing, so rather then returning to work I decided I needed a mental health day and played hooky. I called my mom and met her for lunch then went to collect the kids from daycare and headed to the pool. We just picked up pool passes over the weekend and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to check the pool out. The kids behaved well considering I had selfishly awoken them from their naps early. Being that I generally avoid going any where with the kids by myself I'm really proud of myself deciding to attempt the pool with 2 small children by myself. I suppose I'm even more proud that neither of them drowned. Tyler is just a little dare devil and would walk until the water was over his head if I let him. Leah kept telling me how much she loved going to the pool and while she wanted to venture into deeper water and explore the fountain she was very understanding when I told her I couldn't do that while watching both her and Tyler. It was such a high and a perfect mental health day.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fergie Fans

June 2008 008, originally uploaded by echeasley.

Seems we have some Fergie Fans on our hands. Who knew?

June 2008 027

June 2008 027, originally uploaded by echeasley.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Monkeys with the Monkeys

June 2008 026, originally uploaded by echeasley.

We had a great weekend. Originally we planned to go strawberry picking in Geauga County but after driving out there and arriving at 9:30 we discovered the field had already been picked out for the day. Rather then letting that ruin our day we improvised and headed over to the farmers market to pick up apple pie, strawberries, cream soda and root beer. After a walk on an old golf course we called it a day and head home.

Sunday we headed to the zoo for the morning. Tyler was much more cooperative this time and rather then crying each time we left each animal he simply waved good bye and then wave hello to the next.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I so Wanted to Enjoy Myself

I swear I did. I feel a bit like Debbie Downer and probably complain more then I should given all the wonderful things I have going for me...but everything was conspiring against me last night.

Scott and I went to see Jack Johnson in concert. We had been planning this for months. It's been years since we've gone to a concert and really felt like we were in for a special treat. I promptly left work at 5:00 to pick Scott up from the Clinic and we headed on our way to Blossom Music Center. A drive that usually only takes 35 minutes took 3 1/2 hours! Our car nearly over heated so we had the heat blasting to pull the heat off the engine and when we finally arrived 2 hours after the opening acts started, we were in the last lot of the complex. It took nearly 30 minutes to walk to the gate. We arrived at the gate at 9:00 just as Jack Johnson started to play. After standing in line for bathrooms, food, $10 beers and ATM's (why don't they take debit cards at venues?) I think we managed to watch about 20 minutes of the show. I love Jack Johnson and perhaps my mood was just too foul at this point to think anything was good but it was just a so-so performance. The volume was too low and although I know most of the words I couldn't hear them. The big screen behind him was weak at best and when he spoke he might as well have been signing because again, I couldn't hear "Jack" (excuse the pun). Being that we were parked so far away we left a little early in hope of beating the traffic so we could get home at a decent hour and relieve my parents. On the walk back to the car a flood of cars started leaving honking and yelling at pedestrians to get out of their way. Pedestrians that didn't have anywhere else to walk given the wet grass (oh I didn't mention the rain did I....well it rained). I kept wondering why every one was so angry. They were in their cars. Imagine if they were still walking like us. Aren't Jack Johnson fans supposed to be relaxed, earth and people loving individuals? We might as well have been leaving a NIN or Rage concert (ok I'm sure I'm showing my age with that). 1 1/2 hours later we were finally out of the lot and on the road making decent time when we came to a dead shop on I271. There we are at 1:30 am sitting on the highway in a traffic jam. I'm near tears at this point. 1:30 am! How is there a traffic jam at 1:30 am! ODOT that's how! Repaving 271 for what seems like the umpteen time in the past 3 years. Now I understand and appreciate that they do the bulk of their work at night but did traffic honestly need to come to a dead halt? After watching the kids in the car in front of us play Frisbee with another car and grab what I can only assume was beer from a cooler in the trunk multiple times I was mildly grateful we were only averaging 10 miles an hour.

Finally at 2:00 we got home to relieve my parents. All in all we drove 6 1/2 hours for a 1 1/2 hour concert. Feeling rather guilty for not buying my carbon emissions credit with my tickets. Needless to say I don't see us attending any more concerts together in the near future. Scott, Love ya, but you can go to Radiohead on your own.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

I asked Leah to make her Daddy a Father's day card and I'll admit it was actually a ploy to get a few minutes of quite. A few minute's past and while I was expecting to look up and see a bunch of scribbles (spider webs as she calls them), this is what I found. Now I'm sure at 1st glance one is likely to think it's just another so so drawing done by some kid with backwards letters but this is really cool. Not only is this the first time she's drawn some thing which actually looks like something (a butterfly) but she wrote "DAD" all on her own! She didn't even ask me how to spell it. I'm sorry but this Mama is gushing. My baby can spell! That's pretty dang impressive for a 3 year old isn't it?
We went to the Tribe game for the annual Cleveland Clinic Family day. It was a beautiful day and the kids did as well as kids can be expected to do. Leah got a special Cleveland Clinic - Travis Hafner bat to remember the occasion. I couldn't figure out if Tyler was really into the game and all the going ons or if he was afraid of heights being in the nose bleed section. $60 in hotdogs, soda and ice cream later we headed home and feasted on fillets and twice baked cheesey potatoes from Omaha Steaks. It was a nice day and I think Scott is enjoying his new Pilot MP3 player. Note to Pop a hat that fit's.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Quest for a Cute Pic

I've said this before but it's next to impossible to get a cute picture of the kids together. They love each other to peices and are so adorable you wouldn't think it would be so hard. Yet every picture I take either looks like one is trying to kill the other or they won't look at the camera. Here's a couple close to not quite pics.
Helicopter's on the Nose - Tyler's to quick snatching it off
What is that she's doing with her teeth?

How much do you love hanging out with your brother Leah?

Well if nothing else here's Tylers new manners

Kids at Play

New Do

All good things must come to an end. We said goodbye to Tyler's beautiful corn silk locks this weekend. With 90 plus degree heat the past several days he was a big sweaty mess by 9 am. After I butchered his hair I was ready to cry. The worst was walking into Kohl's and seeing a little boy with the softest whisps of blond hair. I just loved caressing his head at bed time. So here's the before and after. Not made any easier by the big bruise that is no longer hidden on his forehead. It's taken a couple days but it is starting to grow on me. His eyes seem to radiate even more now.

Monday, June 2, 2008

And the New Diagonosis is....


Poor T. We were so close to keeping him healthy long enough to catch up on his shots but at last he came down with another cold yesterday morning. I took him in for his 18 month appointment this morning hoping maybe he was healthy enough but rather then shots he got hooked up to the nebulizer again. We're to return in 2 weeks for a follow up and to come up with our "asthma action plan". The good news is he has gained 2 lbs in the past 6 months and is back up to 25% in height and weight. Poor little man. Hopefully you'll out grow it like mama.

18 month word count
da = dog
ba = ball
mik = milk
mo = more (and sign)
an ou = Thank you (and sign) new this weekend :)
occasionally Mama and Daddy

5-7 words puts him with in "normal" (normal being 5-10 words by 18 months) but well behind Leah at the same age. The offer has been extended by the NP for a state evaluation. But I think he just needs a little time to be healthy so we're going to give him a little more time to master the art of chatter before we go down that road. I'm kind of enjoying the silence for now...not like it's going to last for ever...He is a Heasley after all. LOL.