Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An Officer, a Zoo and a Parade

We had quite a busy weekend. Thursday Scott and I flew to Baltimore to witness Kevin's (Scott's not so little brother) commissioning from USNA. It was my 1st visit to Annapolis and it was just as fabulous as I've always heard. It's beautiful! Our flight in was rather bumpy so it took a few hours for the color to return to our faces but we made it there in one piece. Saturday morning we flew back home to spend the weekend with our babies. We've never been away from them before and they did great. Sunday we headed to the zoo where Tyler refused to sit in the wagon making for a very tired mommy and daddy. It was fun to see how excited he got about seeing each animal but unfortunately he's to the stage where he has a fit about everything so each time we went to move on to the next animal we had a mini fit until we got to the next animal. Monday was the parade at the end of the street. We were originally going to follow the parade up to the local university for the Kids festival but I think we were all tuckered out from all the fresh air and needed naps....at least I know I did.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Cost of $200 in Carpet?

As I've mentioned before, we're working to get our house on the market by next spring. On our list of to do's was replace the horrid 80's sea foam green wool carpet in the sunroom. As usual when it comes to home improvements nothing's as simple as it seems. This is what replacing carpet looks like in our household.Yes....that's the wall striped down to the studs. Now I'll admit that I've secretly wanted to do this to the sunroon for years (paneling is never an architecual detail to be embraced) but this really wasn't what I wanted when I told Scott I wanted to take up the carpet.

We haven't used the sunroom much in the past year or so and when I opened it up this spring I noticed a distinct musty smell. On further investigation I noticed one of the romaine shades had a stain on it. When I pulled the couch out abit the carpet was moldy and and the paneling felt spongy. Well any how if you take a good look at the photo you'll notice aside from the wall being striped down, there's no window sill, no window for that fact. Anyhow, luckily I don't see any termite damage but obviously this issue has been festering for quite some time. The studs are completely rotted out. We'll need to get a building permit to open things up from outside to get a better look at what we're dealing with. So have any guesses on what $200 in carpet really costs?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

5 years ago I was in a desperate place thinking that I may never get to learn the joy of being a mother. With the anniversary of my lose in early May I spend a bit more time thinking about mother's day then I think the average mother may. I'm still a bit in the air if my whole experience is a blessing or a curse. It was definately the most difficult time in my life but I do honestly believe I am a better, stronger person and mother having loved a being I would never get to meet.

Scott gave me a lovely charm bracelet today to remind me of our beautiful living angels with a bear for Tyler (because he is a bear) and a Giraffe for Leah (for our favorite book Giraffe's can't Dance). Leah had made me a card with Hersey kisses at school but proceeded to sneek off and eat all the kisses. I told her I wasn't mad but next time she just needed to hide the evidence a little better. I then got the kiss I really wanted and she cleaned up the wrappers.