Monday, March 8, 2010

Putting a Fever on Ice

Saturday morning while at Leah's swim lesson I noticed a bump on Tyler's neck under the skin. It didn't look like a lymph node but I figured I'd better keep an eye on him. By that afternoon it was clear the "crude" was on it's way. He started coughing and by Sunday afternoon his eyes were watering and he felt warm to the touch. The thermometer showed he didn't have a fever but each time we took his temp it got a bit higher. By the time it was time to leave for skating his temp was hanging out at about 99.7. Do I do the socially responsible thing and keep him home and break both their little hearts or take them skating?
Think of me what you want but we headed to the rink, and am I glad we did. Tyler had a blast. I've never seen a kid so happy to fall on his butt over and over again. Each time he fell and I'd go over to prop him back up fully expecting him to decide enough was enough and each time his giggles alone were enough to knock him over. The giggles and legs flailing were too precious.
Leah had a blast too and I think she learned more in an hour then she did in 12 weeks of lessons. She just needed to get out there and figure it out. I on the other hand am here to skating is nothing like riding a bike. After 20 years it did not come naturally to get back on the ice. I've got a nice case of sciatica to prove the point.
We had fun all the same.