Sunday, April 27, 2008

Well no wonder I feel so stupid

I found this on the Ohio department of education website this evening

Boosting Your Child's Brain Power
You may not realize that your child’s brain is busier than yours. As one researcher coins it, your child is an “alien genius.”
We know more about brain development today than at any other time in history. The Scientist in the Crib and From Neurons to Neighborhoods are just two examples of a growing body of research that gives us insight to early learning.
From birth, a baby’s brain cells develop at astounding speeds, sparking neural connections as a child learns, experiences, explores the environment, and grows into a young adult.
By 2 years of age, your child’s brain is working at full adult levels, and by age 3, it’s twice as active as yours.

Not sure if that makes me feel better but it's official....I'm not starter then a 3 year old. Have you ever played a game of memory with a 3 year old? It's like they have ESP. I used to have a great memory and remember thinking my mother had something wrong with her since she didn't seem to remember things very well. I'm her. I can't remember jack. I joke that being pregnant 3 times has sucked all the protein out of my brain but this just confirms 3 year olds brain is more functional then mine at this point.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Green Eyed Beauty

With Tyler being in the midst of all the 1st I don't think I toot Leah's horn enough. I took this picture this afternoon and can I just say the girl just keeps taking my breath away. There's nothing toddler about those long skinny legs and arms. Tantrum have given way to compassion and the desire to help. In the past year her eyes have turned from a piercing blue more into a green like mine and every day I see a little more of a glimmer of myself in her. She's always been daddy's little girl and while she's alway's been into girly things she's recently formed a new fondness for mommy (just in time for Tyler to become Daddy's little boy). She just so stinkin cute, beautiful, smart, funny and sassy. How could some one so amazing come from me?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring has Sprung

I'm sure snow is just around the corner but spring has arrived in Northeast Ohio and we had a blast this weekend with lots of walks, trips to the playground, yard work and even a few home improvement. How can you help but be in a good mood when the weather is this nice.
Tyler got into the storage bin in his closet and pulled out a hand me down halloween costume. Some how I don't think it will fit come next October so I decided to put him in it so we could say he wore it. Leah of course had to follow suit and insisted on proving me wrong when I told her it wouldn't fit then insisted that I take her picture. She wore it nearly all day.
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