Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bottle a Moment

Ever wish you could just bottle a moment? Open it up and have that same feeling flood your senses again? On the nights Tyler lets me cuddle with him before putting him down I try to soak up every nuance of the experience. The smell of his hair, the warmth of his body, the rise and fall of his chest with each breath. It's such a wonderful feeling. Other moments I'd love to bottle are any of the 1st in the child’s life. The 1st time they smile at you, laugh, reach for something, crawl, walk, talk. The fantastic glow or twinkle, you see come across their eyes as they discover something for the 1st time. I could live a whole life relishing moments like these.

These are the things that keep me going when a stomach bug visits my house for the 3rd time in 3 months. I have a theory...since Tyler got sick with a stomach bug in late January and has been sick all but 4 days since.....and since he and Leah has some nasty bug again....They're all going to be healthy after this for months and's to dreaming. Where'd that moment in a bottle go?

Friday, March 21, 2008

And just like that I'm over my obsession

Not really sure what I'm thinking looking at houses during a recession. You would think I'd be a little gun shy after the last recession left me and nearly all of my family with out jobs. So to fill you in a little more on my obsession. We're not in the best of school districts and it's more or less a foregone conclusion we will be moving either shortly before or after Leah starts kindergarten (which is coming up way sooner then I'd like to admit). I've been passively window shopping on-line for houses and found the house below. I had been thinking about it night and day ever since. We went to look at it today and it's way smaller then it looks in the pictures. It's a nice house and in a great location and while I figured the kitchen and baths would need needs more. I have limitations and I think it's more then we could handle with 2 small children. Walking around I was just looking at the imperfections in the walls and never once thought about where I would put any of our furniture. When Scott and I first saw this house we immediately pictured ourselves living here. I did have a nice conversation with the agent and asked her if she wouldn't mind stopping by our place and give us tips on what is worth working on and what we should just leave. There's so many great deals out there even if we take a hit now it might be worth it in the the long run. When we got home I was looking around our house with a new found appreciation and realized how much I really do like this house and how nice we have made it. We'll still look into selling but for now I'm happy with our little abode. The good news is our neighbor's house is now under contract after 10 months on the market.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My new obsession

Look....isn't it the prettiest (gotta love brick)house you've ever seen?
If only we didn't already have a house.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chubby vs. Twiggy

So some may know of my nicknames for my kids....chubby and twiggy. If you know anything about my kids, I'm certain you can figure out which is which. Well we just may need to change that to skinny and twiggy. Tyler had his 15 month appointment today. I had noticed that his growth had really slowed down but we are officially on weight watch. Can you believe it my 9 lbs baby with sumo wrestler thighs and cankles to give any prego mama a run for her money has to go back to the dr in 6 week for a weight check? I'm honestly not that concerned about it but the irony of it is just seer real. He hasn't gained an oz in the past 3 months. I had noticed this during one of his many visits to the dr this past month so I wasn't surprised when his weigh in this afternoon confirmed he's the same 22 lbs 2 ozs he was at his 12 month appointment. His height is still hanging in at 25% (shrimp...he certainly doesn't get that from his father, pop, grammy ect LOL) but his weight dropped from 50% to below 25% in 3 months. Since he's been so sick lately the dr wasn't concerned either but did request that I bring him back in in 6 weeks (if we shouldn't happen to be there for some other reason, which I'm sure we will be). His appetite has been decent and all the ladies at Kindercare rave about what a great eater he is (he's quite the ladies man I hear....they all swoon over him and fight over who gets to hold him). Anyhow I suppose it's worth keeping an eye on and we'll take him back in in 6 week as requested.

In other related news, we have the scale hidden in our house so on a whim I stepped on the scale at my parents house over the weekend and of course Leah had to follow suit....I think we may have actually broken the 30 lbs mark...Leah that is. I'm still the same weight I've been since who knows when....things just aren't where they used to be but that's a whole other story....I wonder do people my age that haven't had children wonder WTH happened? I seriously I think I'm having an identity crisis when I look in the mirror.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Baby Signs

We never really got into signs with Leah but there really is something to the connection between hand and mouth. Tyler is well behind Leah verbally at the same age. He doesn't even really have a word yet...sounds for things (da for dog, daa for daddy, maa for mama and ba for bye) but no words. This last weekend Scott and I worked on the sign for more and T picked it up really quickly. We even thought he was working to saying more but weren't quite sure. Anyhow, each night on the drive home I give the kids crackers in the car. Tyler of coarse gobbles his down almost before I'm able to get the car in drive. The night after working on the sign I heard the sweetest little voice in the back seat saying "mor....mor...mor" I look in my rear view mirror and see him signing more. Reminds me, I really do need to store more crackers in the car.

Monday, March 3, 2008


I was getting Tyler out of the tub and drying him off.
I hear bubbles coming from the tub and look over at Leah.

Leah did you fart?

No I'm blowing bubbles......with my butt

3 going on 13

So I was driving Leah home this evening and was asking her about her day.

What did you do today Leah?
I played.
What did you play with?
I don't know
You don't know?! Wow ! Did you play with Aria today?
(sadly) yes....she's Tony's friend now...but she's my friend too
Well that's good. Are you Tony's friend too?
Did you play with so and so?
No she said I couldn't play with her or so and so or so and so
Did they let Aria play with them?
Did that hurt your feelings?
Yes, they made me sad.

I've known for a while that Leah was growing up way to fast but I never realized clicks start in preschool.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Beauties in the Window

Just in case you forgot....My children are gorgeous! hehe

If only I could get Tyler to sit still long enough to show off his big blue eyes.

Kids are Amazing

So after Leah and Scott came back from sledding my dad stopped by and we finished laying the rest for the tile in the kitchen. Yippee! We just need to grout, put some toe molding in and of course I have to paint again since the color I just had to have last year no longer works with the floors but we're well on our way. While the fridge has been back in its rightful place for a week of last night, it no longer works. Nothing like throwing away a whole fridge and freezer full of food. It's not even 7 years old so hopefully it an easy/cheap fix.

Amazingly Tyler slept through all the commotion but when he did wake up, he looked like he had been hit by a truck. His face was swollen and his beautiful big blue eyes were hidden under tons for goop. Scott mentioned that his hands were piping hot. I was certain he had a temp again but was curious how high it was. 104.2! 104.2! 104.2! Oh my! Give me a heart attack! I've never seen a number that high before. I striped him down to his diaper, gave him some Tylenol and called the Dr. In the time it took the on-call Dr to return my call, he was drinking, eating, talking and playing. Are you kidding me! My temp hits 101 and I'm done for. This kid has a temp of 104 and he's smiling and laughing at his sister. He's just so good natured I can't believe how lucky I am. I love that little man more then words could describe. Here he is....I think we were down to about 103 by this point. It's just amazing what their little bodies can put them through and they just bounce right back.

Fun in the Snow

Leah went sledding for the 1st time today. It was a beautiful sunny day and finally the wind chill was tolerable so Scott took her over to Cain Park. Unfortunately I missed out on the fun, staying home while Tyler napped but I sent him off with the camera and orders to take pictures and video so I could see and hear how much fun she had. She loved it! I've been told there were snow angels too.