Tuesday, September 23, 2008

But I Love You was all he could do

Giggles, originally uploaded by echeasley.

Tyler's still not talking much but I got a big "I Love You" in sign this morning. You just keep melting my heart little guy.

Deaf Donald met Talkie Sue
But I Love You was all he could do.
And Sue said, "Donald I sure do like you."
But I Love You was all he could do.
And Sue asked Donald, "Do you like me too?"
But I Love You was all he could do.
"Good-bye then, Donald, I'm leaving you."
But I Love You was all he could do.
And she left forever and she never knew
That I Love You means I Love You!

- Shel Silverstein

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Original Baby

Shadow, originally uploaded by echeasley.

Leah starts a new unit at school this week. Her assignment was to bring in a picture of her pets, which of course mortified me when I realize I hadn't taken a picture for Shadow for well over 3 years. My poor neglected puppy. She was my original baby and she barely gets any acknowledgement aside from a shout to stop growling or get out of the way. She's such a sweet, sweet dog and is so good with the kids. She's not as spry as she used to be but she still gets spurts of energy that could rival any 2 year old pup. To think when we 1st bought this beautiful animal home with us, she was so tiny and skinny we thought she'd maybe get up to 35 pounds. Little did we know how sick and dehydrated she was. Once she was on the mend her paws puffed up and we knew she wasn't nearly as small as we thought. 10 years and 65 pounds later she's still my little puppy.

More Day Dreaming

Scott and I drove by a repo house I have flagged. They recently lowered the price and it's a complete fixer up but it's in a neighborhood I would normally only have only dreamed of living in. Great school district, close to shopping and not too far from the highway....only about a 30 minute drive to down town. It's on a full acre lot (4 times as much space as anything else we've looked at) and backs up to a huge open space with tennis courts and the rest of the houses on the block must easily go for 2 times as much. I figure a fixer up may be the only way we could ever afford to live in this burb. We haven't seen the inside but from the outside I get the impression it's so bad we wouldn't even be able to live in it while renovation were being made. Still I think we'll call the agent this week and see if we can't schedule a viewing for next weekend. Note to self : must get projects around the house done and get house on market ASAP. In other related news a couple houses down from us had an open house today and I was the nosey neighbor and went to check it out. They're asking about what I hope to get for our house. I'm thinking it was built by the same developer as our house in the 30's because it has neary the exact same lay out but smaller and brick. Our kitchen is updated so maybe that's enough to compensate for the weathered wood siding. I really hope they get close to their asking price and sell sooner rather then later.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sunroom Update

Need I say more?

Thought not - But I will point out - yes that's duct tape holding the storm window in that Hurrican Ike blew in. Ohio is not made for 80 mile an hour winds but that's all the damage we had and we never lost power so I can't complain. You know the saying "if you can't Duct it ****it". Oh and don't worry that nasty ceiling will be going too. Just not making much headway...as you can see.


OK I admit it. I'm a sucker for hooded towels and blankets. When the kids were wee little things we had our fair share of hooded towels but they quickly out grew them. With Leah's shared affection for them, they didn't get retired until just recently. I've had my eye on these oversized hooded towels from Kohl's for well over a year but being as cheap as I am I refused to pay full price for them. Murphy's law whenever birthdays or x-mas rolled around they wouldn't be on sale. Until July! I snapped them up 50% off weeks ahead of Leah's birthday. I had bought the frog for Tyler (being the prince he is) but Leah has staked claim on it. You know after all, everything that is his is hers first. Hey it works for now so I'll go with the flow until he starts noticing she's got all the cool things. You should feel how soft they are too. Speaking of soft things....I couldn't resist these hood blankets when I saw them at Bed Bath and Beyond. As much as it pains me to admit it, I paid full price...But they're really really soft and so so cute.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

At It Again

I've continued my passive window shopping and had this house flagged just to track how long it sat on the market and what the final sale price was....you know just so I can be better prepared when we are seriously in the market. I swear that's really the only reason. ...it's not like I'm obsessed with looking at houses or anything. What? You don't beleive me? Ok! You caught me! Any how I noticed they dropped the price and had an open house scheduled for today so I couldn't resist and stopped by during the kids nap time. It's smaller then the last house I looked at but I could actually picture us living here. I do have qualms about the garage, kitchen and the "master bedroom". Not really sure how anything that small could be called "master" but I guess realitors think naming a room something specific gives it more a appeal. To each their own. Anyhow I think their asking price as very reasonable and I would hope it sells long before we're really in the market but it will remain on my short list for now. The strange thing is as much as I want to move and did like the house I came home again to realize how much room we really do have in our "starter" home. I really wish I could pick the interior of our house up and cast it into a brick shell in a better school district. Ho Hum the grass is always greener...even when the grass is brown from the lack of rain.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Big Sis Avery

We were lucky enough to spend sometime with our dear friend's the Turners this weekend. Kara has been a friend since the 7th grade and was our room mate before there was "Scott and Liz". They had been stationed overseas for several years since they got married and in the past few years have bounced around the U.S. and are currently just outside of St Louis. Just a 9 hour drive! 1 1/2 hour flight! They are expecting number 2 in November so Leah was teaching Avery all about being a big sister and gave her some hand-me down books to prepare her for the big event. Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet up with them again and meet the new little man before too long.