Monday, October 25, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

2 down 18 to go

I had to travel for business earlier this week and before I left Sunday evening Leah's 2nd tooth was hanging by a thread. I was a bit nervous she might lose it while I was out of town and the tooth fairy wouldn't know what to do. Leah promised me if she lost it while I was gone she'd make sure the tooth fairy didn't take it just so I could see it when I got back. She kept her promised. I got home late Wednesday and about 12 hours later Leah lost her second tooth just after having her school picture taken. It's a good thing the tooth fairy was ready.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend of Firsts

Leah had her first horseback riding lesson this weekend and I think she really enjoyed it. She was very business like and very eager to try everything. She's the smallest girl in her class so I have a feeling they'll end up putting her on the smallest pony most weeks but she'll be the kid that wants to ride the 17 hand gelding. Anticipating a future drama on the drive home I was telling her she should be excited that she'll get to ride the ponies because when she gets bigger she won't be able to do it anymore. Best to enjoy it while she can. I'm sure some of the big girls will be jealous...we'll see in a few weeks if my pep talk worked.
So not only did she learn to tack up a horse this weekend but she also learned to ride a bike without training wheels. We went for a ride down the street and when we came back Leah discovered the boy next door had just learned to ride and that's all the encouragement she needed to ditch her training wheels. She figured it out all on her own and was so proud of herself...I'm pretty dang proud of her too.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

Wiggle and Jiggle and Tickle Inside

Tonight while getting the kids ready for a bath Tyler told me there was a bug by the wall. Fully expecting to see an itty bitty dead midge I glanced over only to see an enormous centipede bolt under the stool I was sitting on. I admit I squealed like a little girl, jumped up and ran out the room. Not the best reaction when you're trying to teach your kids to lay off the drama. But seriously centipedes are NASTY and give me the heebeegeebees! I was trying to explain to the kids that centipedes eat spiders and since we've had so many midges from the lake this year we have a lot of spiders....and centipedes. So the kids decided if the spiders eat the flies and the centipedes eat the spiders then we should let a bunch of birds in to eat the centipedes...then we need to get some alligators to eat the birds and sharks to eat the gators and whales to eat the sharks.
We had a whale of a good time.