Monday, June 20, 2011

The Problem with Gardens

Don't get me wrong, I love fresh veggies and the idea of being able to step out my back door to select what's for dinner, the problem is, I-don't-cook. I decided last year, when I realized I would actually have a yard again, that a container garden would be a perfect complement to my gorgeous new deck. I asked for gift cards at Xmas to help me on my way. We had a cold wet wet wet spring so I wasn't able to plant anything until few weeks before Memorial day. Now everything is growing like crazy and the anal retentive environmentalist in me refuses to let anything go to waste. Who knew herbs could grow so fast? I've already used the cilantro to make two batches of fresh guacamole, parsley to make fresh couscous veggie salads, oregano on homemade pizza and basil for chicken pesto pasta. Haven't figured out what to do with the rosemary yet and the lettuce is ready for picking. Before I know it the cucumbers, bell peppers and tomatoes will be ready too. I can't have Scott thinking I can or rather will cook on a regular basis. As a working mother I have an image to uphold and takeout to be had.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Graduate

Better late then posting a picture, not Scott graduating.
Back in Mid May we spent a weekend celebrating Scott's accomplishments. We had a party Saturday evening. I planned food for 20 plus and somehow managed to feed 30 adults and 18 kids. Scott was overwhelmed that so many people cared enough to come. The weather was crappy so I was glad I scrapped the BBQ idea. Amazingly after having 50 people trapped in my very humble home, nothing was broken, mangled or otherwise destroyed. By 9 in the evening the house was as clean as it had been before the party...well with the exception of the basement...seriously 18 kids! Don't think it could have been any worse if I had sent the kids down there and told them to make as big of a mess as they possibly could.
Sunday was the actual commencement. The kids were amazing sitting through what felt like the longest speeches EVER. The neat part of all this is he's already done with the bar, so he doesn't have to immediately turn around and start study for the July exam like all the other suckers at commencement.
Now the real fun starts....student loans