Thursday, November 29, 2007


Tyler has the strangest and cutest little quirks. When he eats he has to pierce his food with his index finger. Seeing him try to put his chunky little finger through a Cheerio like it's a ring brings a smile to my face every time. Of course this maneuver doesn't work for various textured food but he's amazingly agile at getting food in his mouth using just one finger. It's quite a feat. You'd have to see it. His other quirk that has me giggle is his obsession with spoons. Most kids fall in love with a cuddly blanket or a teddy bear. Tyler has a thing for utensils. It doesn't really matter if it’s wood, plastic or metal as long as it could be used in some fashion to shovel food into your mouth. Of course you know that's not what he uses them for. Each meal we end up using at least three spoons. One of each of his hands and one I use in an attempt to get his food and meds down his throat. At the end of each meal he refuses to give up his spoons and if we didn't use spoons he's not content until I give him one. He then carries them around with him every where he goes. Usually he'll let go of one while in the tub and shortly before he passes out for the night he finally lets go of the last spoon. It just never ceases to amaze me despite crawling, cruising, playing, bathing and dressing he still has a spoon in his hand. I love my little man and all his little quirks.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My life changed 4 years ago

How is it Thanksgiving already? Holidays tend to take you back in time don't they? Luckily Thanksgiving has a special place in my heart. 4 years ago last night I peed on a stick that changed my life. We were headed down to Dayton for Thanksgiving the following evening and while I kept telling myself I wouldn't obsess, I'd wait until my period was offically late the next night, I had to know. I snuck into the bathroom and made my deposit into a cup and tested. When that second line appeared right away my heart skipped a beat. I was so excited and so scared. I walked out of the bathroom and told Scott I had something to show him. I'm not sure what he was thinking I had hidden in there but the rest is all a blur and keeping that secret through Thanksgiving when the smell of all the smoked meats turned my stomach was nearly impossible. Here we are 4 years later with 2 beautiful healthy children sleeping away upstairs. It's a privilege I thought I may never get to experience. Can you guess what I'm thankful for?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I suppose I should get off my butt and post some halloween pics. Hey I have made some progress in eliminating some of the procrastated list. I finished editing our 2006 videos. Just need to burn a few DVDs for the fam and on to 2007 we go.

Well here's Chubby and Skinny...errr....Lion and Lady Bug...errr Tyler and Leah....oh and Scott too