Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mini Language Explosion

After seeing Leah jabber from a very young age I've always been a bit nervous that Tyler was speach delayed. I've done my best to lay low and let him do things at his own pace. I'm proud to report in the past week Tyler has gone from less then 10 words to nearly 30. Now most words aren't quite there but I think the average person may be able to figure it out if they gave it a few minutes.

New to the list this week
Leah (E-ah)
Apple (think he liked the trip to the orchard?)
Frog (fog)
Quack (does that count as a word?)
Hot dog
Five (as in high five)
I love you (so sweat)
My (said before everything - oh to be 2)
Baby ("my baybay" - adores Leah's baby doll)
and not so new but used more often in the past week
Outside (usually heard as "side")
Dow (aka Shadow)
Cookie (co co)
More (mo..."mo co co" heard often)
Juice ("mo juice" another favorite)
Thank you (ank cute)
All done
Bubble (aka anything floating in the sky ie dust)
Sit (aka chair)
ah man
No (he's almost 2 - that one's a given)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Apples and Pumpkins

Shaker Family Fest

IMG_0287, originally uploaded by echeasley.

Last weekend we took the kids up to the end of my parents street for Shaker Family Fest. Tyler had his first pony ride and Leah had a blast on each of the bouncers. Walking the gounds I couldn't help but think of the days I went to grade school in the building. I was the last graduating class before the school was closed. It has since been converted into part Early Childhood Enrichment Center and part community family center. I think I even spotted the lollipop tree that the PTA used during events at the school back in the day. Things change but yet remain the same.

Friday, October 10, 2008


October 028, originally uploaded by echeasley.

Ain't he a cutie? Sad thing is no one knows what he did. His sister comes within 5 feet of him and he'll scream bloody murder but he bangs up his face and doesn't even cry. I don't get it. Needless to say I've become a bit over protective this week. Do they sell face shields for 2 year olds? Maybe I'll just wrap him in bubble wrap before I send him off to day-care in the morning.

Where To Start

In general I try to keep this blog free of the downers that life brings and to focus on the things my children do that make me the mother I am. The bumps, the tears, the smiles and milestone. However before I continue with any further post I feel the need to express my sincere sympathies with the passing of Scott's Aunt/Godmother Bev earlier this week. We traveled to Pittsburgh this morning to say our goodbyes and spend some time with family. I knew early in my relationship with Scott that his Aunt Bev held a special place in his heart. Not having been raised catholic I didn't know what the role of a Godmother was and if the title was the primary reason that he felt an extra special tie with her. Once I met Bev, I quickly learned the reason for his tie. She was the person who always made you feel welcome, needed and cherished. She valued what you had to say and honestly cared about what was going on in your life. She was the cool aunt that was a friend and yet some one that you looked up to and respected. She loved deeply and when some one was hurting you could feel how deeply she hurt as well. I think of her each night when I tuck the kids in with the beautiful blankets she knitted for them before they were introduced to the world. My heart goes out to her husband, brothers and sister. Heasley gatherings won't be the same without her warm smile.