Sunday, September 25, 2011

Leah's Locks of Love

I'm gushing with pride. Leah has been bagging me for months to cut her hair short. At the beginning of the summer I convinced her if she waited until school started up her hair would be long enough to donate. At one point the daily struggle of brushing and dealing with conditioning to prevent clorine damage got to me and I asked if she was ready to give up and just get it cut. She stuck to it and yesterday she donated 10 inches to Locks of Love. She beamed ear to ear as soon as the braid was cut off. I thought for sure her cheeks would start hurting. After she got her hair washed I waited for her in the front to the saloon. I could just catch a little glimps of her around the corner. Moments before she came out a couple ladies noticed her beaming and looked at me to see my reaction....I nearly lost it and started weeping abit. Oh my! My sweet baby girl is growing up so quick....and she's becoming the sweetest, most caring and generous young lady. Oh how I love her so.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back to School and Back to Old Habits

The kids started school 2 weeks ago. The 1st day we were excited to learn Leah's friends William and Esmeralda were in her classroom. That night Leah told me she was sitting at the same group of desks as them. I warned her she needed to be sure she listened to her teacher and didn't talk too much or she might get moved. The next evening Leah came home and told me "I know you might be kinda mad but... Mrs. Loss moved my desk for talking too much". I should have been angry, I suppose but I just chuckled. gave her a squeeze and said "at least you're consistent".

This is the 1st year Leah has returned to the same school and while she was excited to see familiar faces and know what was in store there was a bit of disappointment when we started to realize the students that hadn't returned. Parents that were entrenched in the PTA and very active in volunteering have left the district. Since 18 months old I grew up in the same house, had the same friend and went all the way through school in the same district. I felt bad that I haven't been able to provide that for my kids. Part of the reason we're still in our house was my attempt at giving the kids some sense of stability. I'm seeing now it's not going to the time the kids get to 4th grade the chances of having the same friend by their side is slim to none.