Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007


How can you resist this goofball? He just loves making people laugh.

Monday, October 15, 2007

OH, Break My Heart

Leah realized that Mia wasn't coming home today. I hadn't lied to her about the situation in fact when Scott left to take her to the APL Leah ask where Daddy was and I told her point blank "Daddy is taking Mia to look for a new home". She was confused and asked what he was bringing home for Mia and I told her "nothing". Tonight Leah wanted to feed the dog and when I told her the dog food wasn't in the bathroom anymore, it was on the ledge where we kept the cat food I think things started to click. She nervously laughed then told me "Mommy that's silly, Mia doesn't like dog food" so I told her "Leah, Mia doesn't live here anymore, remember?". She broke down sobbing and told me over and over again "I want Mia to come home, I want Mia home with me". I sat on the kitchen floor to comfort her and she cruled up in my lap. Tyler was upset by all the commotion and crawled over looking for comfort as well. The whole thing absolutely broke my heart. I miss the cat too but I'm certain this is for the best. I hope Leah will understand and not think of this as punishment for something she has done. I hate to see her so upset but when I started thinking about mothers that have to break awful news about a loved one that's not coming home I realized how lucky I am.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Baby or Toddler?

My baby boy is just getting so big. I'm so excited to see him grow and learn new things but in the same hand I'm misty. My baby boy is almost ready to start walking....then I'll have to call him a toddler :(

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Freedom of Having Children

A single friend asked me several months if I ever regretted having children. I was taken aback by such a question as I suppose only a parent would understand. Of coarse I don't regret having children! Such a thought never crossed my mind particularly as some one who tried so hard to get pregnant and knows the heartache of losing a baby. I admit when I pass the Winking Lizard or my old local Pub at happy hour I think to myself how nice it would be to stop by for a drink after work and wonder what life would be like if I didn't have any responsibilities at home. I think back to college when the most pressing thing I had to do for the day was go get a carton of cigarettes (bleck can you believe I put those nasty things in my mouth?).

It recently occurred to me all the freedom I have now as a parent and all the fun things I get to do that I wouldn't otherwise do.
I get to take my daughter pumpkin picking, go on hay rides and stand in line for pony rides.

I get to go to the Popcorn Shop and drip chocolate ice cream all over myself.

I get to go to the zoo and trick-or-treating.

I get to go to family fun fest and bake in the sun while having bugs nip at my toes.

I get to squeeze myself in to a bathing suit 2 months postpartum, climb into a pool in the dead of winter and have 60 year-old women ask me where I bought my suit.

I get to ride on the scenic railroad and go to Hale Farm and village and meet the chicken man.

I get to put corny decorations all over my house and to stub my toes on my kid's toys lying on the living room floor.
I get to make a fool of myself during ballet class trying to get my shy 3 year old more comfortable.

I get to take pictures and delete any I don't like of myself.

I get to relive my childhood.

Best of all I get to see the light in my children's eyes when they learn new things. I get to hear I love you mommy and receive the world's best hugs.

I don't envy my single friends and have no desire to go back to that boring time in my life.

Kudos To Pop!

So what's up with this whole blogging thing? I been thinking of starting one for a while but I'm either not interesting enough, not a very good writer, or no one would honestly want to know what is going on in this head of mine. If nothing else I need to simplify my life. Photobucket for videos, Flickr for photos, Myspace for'd you like to have one place to get bored by me?

So where to start.

My dad was inducted into his high school hall of fame the other week. I'm actually pretty proud. We went to the homecoming game where he was honored at 1/2 time. What a strange experience. You know I never once went to a high school anything game while I was in high school. I guess it wasn't cool to have school pride or I don't know what our problem was. High school was such a non-event for me that I honestly don't recall much of it. Anyhow the whole evening was kind of fun to watch. Reminded me of Friday-night skate (not that I went to many of those either....what was I doing all that time?) We actually saw some one we knew...although I'm confused why they would be there. It was just amazing to see the number of people that came out for this event. I didn't even know that many people lived out there. The kids were great and Leah stalked the tiger all night but wouldn't dare shake it's hand. I still don't get cheerleaders. Does any one watch them? Does anyone watch the game? The home team band sucked but the Tigers rocked the Bissons.