Saturday, April 24, 2010

It Really is the Little Things

Friday evening I came home to a surprize that reminded me it really is the little things that can turn a whole day around. I walked in the door and Leah greeted me with such enthusism, nearly jumping out of her skin wanting to show me the surprise she had for me.  There in the stark empty sunroom was a vase of perfect white daffodils. She's been stalking my daffodils for quite some time now, just waiting for them to bloom.

Which reminds me.  The sunroom is now to the point where I can finally buy my $200 in new carpet. Thank you Pop!!! Next on tap -  Steps for the deck and Planters....and fix everything that got messed up in the process.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


This dog drives me nuts! He barks, he whines. He chews everything, digs everywhere. Nips at my kids, scratches my floors, chews on my great great grandmothers antique chairs. Runs around the yard with large branches and knocks my kids to the ground (giving Leah a black eye). He jumps on my guests, annoys my husband. Jumps the fence, runs the neighborhood, freightens my neighbors... and then I catch a moment like this. A fleeting glimps of the dog he will be. He's smart. He's sweet. He's funny. He's protective and best of all the kids love him.
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Saturday, April 10, 2010


I'm cheap. I admit it. I'm proud of it. For the past 4 years I have been cutting everyone's hair rather than pay some one else to do it. Leah...not such a big deal. Curly hair is foregiving. Scott, short fade...easy aside for the need to freshen up every 3 weeks it seems. Tyler, thick mane and a less than willing participant have proven to be the most difficult. I get it...I hate the hair that always seems to find it's way into my bra. I couldn't imagine having all that hair flying in my face and down my neck. I've tried all sorts of tricks to convince him it's fun including naming the electric razor the "tickler". Today we tried something different and decided to embrace the hillbillies in us by cutting hair out on the driveway. Tyler wanted nothing to do it until I promised he could sit on his big wheel while I cut his hair. He got to hold the tickler until mommy needed it and wear the cape. He did great! Following the cut, the cape was flipped backwards and he became Super Tyler.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Playing Hookie

Yesterday I had a physical therapy appointment scheduled early in the afternoon. Spring has sprung and I noticed for the first time that the grass is starting to turn I did what any self respecting, responsible adult would do. I played hookie. When I picked Leah up from aftercare I got the biggest hug and a smile that could melt any heart. We collected Tyler from daycare and headed for the park. Dinner for 3 on our new deck and after dinner bike rides on the drive (while mommy cleaned up) made for a nice break from the normal grind. Tyler may have had a little too much fun because he proceeded to have a major meltdown when it came time for a bath. Leah on the other hand was an angel and told me she wished I'd pick her up early every day. So do I. Maybe one day.